Our Services

At Golden Years Homecare Specialist II, we are confident in our staff to bring the best in quality of care to your homes and to your loved ones. Please visit these pages to learn more about each care program offered by our agency:

When to Order Services from Golden Years Homecare Specialist II

  • Any time a patient needs wound care at home
  • After an injury or stroke to complete rehabilitation at home
  • After a senior patient experienced an accidental fall or when there is a high risk of an accidental fall. Home therapy and safety consultation can reduce the risk of fall injuries.
  • When chronic diseases are flaring up and monitoring or training could improve safety.
  • When there have been changes to a senior patient’s health regimen such as new medications, new equipment, or modified diet. Expert training from a homecare nurse and therapist spread over a number of visits can improve understanding and success.
  • When patients may need help with injections or IV therapy at home and many more

Medicare Pays 100%

For qualified Medicare beneficiaries, there are no out-of-pocket expenses for services. To qualify, a patient must need the skilled care of a nurse or therapist and a patient must be “homebound.” By ‘homebound,” it simply means that a patient leaves the home infrequently because it is a taxing effort to do so or because the doctor said to stay home as much as possible.

A person can be temporarily homebound due to illness or injury. Your doctor must certify your care and we will coordinate with your doctor directly in the process of providing for your home care needs.